Dental Implant Benefits

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Have you given up on a beautiful smile because you thought it was out of reach? Dental implants can make your dreams a reality! This popular new tooth restoration option can get you the gorgeous grin that you have always wanted with minimal time in the dental chair. The application is simple: 1) the doctor inserts a fixture directly into your jawbone, 2) an abutment is attached to the fixture, and 3) a crown or artificial tooth is attached to the abutment. When the jawbone has healed, your new tooth will be strong and look just like the surrounding teeth. But dental implants aren’t just a nice-looking replacement for your missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants are strong, help prevent many oral diseases, assist in restoring bite function and can last a lifetime. Stop dreaming about that perfect smile and make it a reality!

Superior Tooth Replacement Option

Options used to be limited for patients with missing or weakened teeth. Dentures and bridges allowed some function to be restored, but neither option is permanent and both have their drawbacks. Since their creation, dental implants have effectively cornered the tooth replacement market primarily because they can be permanently and directly placed in a patient’s jawbone. Because of this procedure, the jawbone repairs itself by growing right into the surface of the implant. Consequently, dental implants have a remarkably strong hold and create a lifetime of restored function.


You don’t have to settle for ugly holes in your smile or fake and uncomfortable options anymore! Missing teeth can give you trouble eating and weaken your bite strength. The gaps in your smile can also leave your face looking sunken and wrinkled prematurely. Dental implants offer an alternative that can restore your facial look and function just like your real teeth. According to dentists, jaw muscles need to be used consistently to remain strong and healthy. Dental implants work to help restore your jaw strength so you can eat the foods you love and speak normally again.

Prevent Dental Problems

Missing teeth can let increased amounts of bacteria collect in your mouth which then allows acids to more easily erode tooth enamel. Additionally, with increased acids, the chances for dental infections and gum disease increase dramatically. Dental implants work to fill gaps created by missing teeth and restore a normal, functional bite. Since you can easily continue normal a oral hygiene routine, there is also less chance of further tooth decay and additional oral problems.

Easy And Permanent

Dentures can shift, smell and make important tasks like speaking and chewing difficult. As well as needing to be cleaned everyday, dentures need to be replaced every 5-8 years. Bridges are another alternative but can be hard to keep clean. Bridges can end up damaging tooth and tissue structure near the replacement area. Alternatively, dental implants are permanently affixed, have no special care requirements and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Most importantly, dental implants look just like your real teeth!

Lincoln Dental Care Can Restore Your Smile

Here at Lincoln Dental Center we believe that a beautiful smile should never be out of reach. You have options, so stop hiding those missing or damaged teeth! Dental implants are a great solution to your dental problems. As a tooth replacement option, dental implants fix your smile, reduce your risk of oral problems and look just like natural teeth. Call our Orange, CA office today to schedule your no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced doctors! Don’t wait another day to restore your self-confidence and revitalize your smile!

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