Dental Implant Process

The Dental Implant Process

With a sucess rate of nearly a hundred percent, dental implants undoubtedly have a remarkable success rate. When cared for properly, dental implants can give a patient a lifetime of use. Here are the steps designed by Lincoln Dental Care to ensure that your new teeth last for many years:

Step 1: Doctor Consultation
The first step on your journey to fixing your smile involves calling our Orange, CA office to a consultation with one of our doctors. During this consultation appointment, the doctor will analyze your teeth and thoroughly survey your oral health. Next, you will discuss your needs, goals and the results you want to achieve with dental implants. You will be encouraged to ask questions during this process so that you can agree on the best option to restore your smile. After your consultation is complete, your next appointment will be scheduled to begin the procedure.

Step 2: Fixture Insertion
The next step in the process involves putting in the dental implant. Prior to starting the procedure, local anesthetic is administered to prevent pain and discomfort. Next, the surgery begins with an incision following the gum line. This incision allows the doctor to place the implant fixture into the jawbone. The inserted implant will later become extremely strong by fusing with the underlying bone tissue. Finally, the wound will be sutured and prepared for healing.

Step 3: Healing
Following the first part of your dental implant procedure, your wound will start to heal and the implant fixture will begin to fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This process usually takes 3-6 months and refers to the biological regeneration of bone tissue. After the insertion wound and jawbone is healed, the fixture is secure and will not move or loosen.

Step 4: Crown Placement
When your implant area is completely healed, you will return to Lincoln Dental Care to have the next piece, called an abutment, attached to your implant fixture. Abutments provide a means to connect the artificial root fixture to the crown or artifical tooth. This appointment is the culmination of a detailed process where your doctor matches your crown to the perfect size, color, and shape of your natural teeth. If cared for properly, your beautiful new teeth can last a lifetime.

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Don’t spend another day dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth. Dental implants provide a proven way for Orange, CA residents to get a beautifully customized new smile! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fixing your missing teeth. Our doctors and the wonderful staff at Lincoln Dental Care can’t wait to help you get that wonderful smile you have always dreamed of. To hear more about dental implants, call our office today to schedule your no-obligation consultation!

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